Bitgeist Enterprise was established to design and develop enterprise software for industry sectors and segments that are currently poorly served by other providers. Our solutions enable customers in a variety of sectors, including logistics, finance and manufacturing to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, allowing them to better serve their customers and to release resources for growth.

Marc Allen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has been an enterprise architect for 25 years, designing and implementing solutions for customers in diverse businesses as well as a number of start-ups.

  • Race licenses
  • Event registration
  • Class entries
  • Championship points across multiple classes & regions
  • Generation of multi-class grids
  • A centralized multiuser application that allows for deployments across a net- work of Windows, Macintosh and iOS devices working in tandem.
  • Dispatching and shipment administration.
  • Tracking and tracing shipments
  • Managing accounts payable and receivable
  • Managing trucking operations over multiple lines, including all aspects of driver management,record keeping, payroll and fuel cards and expenses.
  • Equipment control
25 years of experience shaping and leveraging data is brought to bear on highly specialized solutions for under served sectors

    Bitgeist Enterprise sponsors a Superbike race team that campaigns a BMW S1000RR in competitions around the US including Daytona, Homestead, and Palm Beach International here in Florida

Targeted Enterprise Solutions

Agile Business Intelligence

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  • Security where the school needs it: at the entrance(s), not in the classrooms
  • Time stamped evidence of every student arrival and departure
  • Immediate alerts of irregularities, such as unauthorised persons collecting a child
  • Provides an easy and timely way to convey messages to guardians, such as missing document or payment alerts